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THE WITCH with Jeff Murdoch

The Witch can be rented or purchased on Amazon or Vudu

PET SEMATARY with Andy North

I got to talk about a huge budget horror film with my friend Andy North!

Pet Sematary can be streamed free with a Starz subscription on Amazon, or rented on Amazon or Vudu

TREMORS with Rob Grabowski

Tremors can be rented on Amazon or found free in chunks on youtube.

INSIDIOUS with Lexi Alioto

Insidious can be rented on Amazon or Vudu for $3-$4

SCREAM with Erin Rein

You can rent Scream on Amazon or Vudu for a few bucks, or find Scream 2 on netflix free

RESOLUTION with Eric Muller

Resolution can be rented on Amazon or Vudu

Eric talks about a horror blog he frequents:

CELLAR DWELLER with Sarah Shockey

Cellar Dweller can be found for FREE in full on youtube and is a great campy comic-booky good time!

JAWS with Hannah Parsons

Jaws, a modern day monster movie and thriller. You can find this movie for rent on Amazon or VUDU.

THE CONJURING with Sammy Tamimi

The Conjuring can be rented on Amazon Prime or VUDU

The Conjuring 2, however, is streaming freaking everywhere. We only talk about the first Conjuring this episode.

CARRIE with Alisa Rosenthal

Carrie can be watched free with an Amazon Prime membership

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